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About Us

ePrivateGolf is a private online community of golfers which offers to its members the best golf experience at exclusive prices not available to the general public.


Who we are

We are golfers who truly enjoy the game just like you. There’s nothing like teeing off early in the morning and being rewarded by a perfect drive that cuts through the mist, or sinking that final long putt at the 18th before sunset.

We enjoy top golf courses as they make for the best golf experience. But if you are not a member there, booking can be frustrating at times, and the high green fees may make you think twice.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We believe that every golfer should be able to experience the best without breaking the bank, on occasions at least. Golfers will enjoy the game more if they can have access to better courses, play more often, and keep their budget in check too! And the game as a whole will be beneficial. That’s why we founded ePrivateGolf.

ePrivateGolf gives you access to the best golf courses at discounted prices, up to 40 percent off the public rates. These deals are for a limited time of between seven and ten days only, and the supply may be limited, so make sure you check out our offers early and regularly!


Fast online booking

Booking on ePrivateGolf is easy, and you can do it conveniently at any time, day or night, from the comfort of your home or hotel room. The tee times featured on our website are pre-booked for our members, and we’ll take care of the individual reservation confirmations with golf courses for you, which also includes ferry bookings and the like.


Guaranteed slots and deals

The deals and slots featured on ePrivateGolf are firm for the validity period of the sales. You immediately know when you’ll be able to enjoy the great golf courses featured here, and how much you’ll save by booking with us.


Join ePrivateGolf

You love the game and would like to be able to play more often and benefit from great deals too! You may not be a member of a premier golf course but still want to be able to experience their great facilities. Or maybe you are and simply wish to enjoy other leading courses from time to time, for a bit of variety or when travelling away from your home club.

We’re here to help and will take good care of you. 

We can only offer you the deals because we’re an exclusive, members-only community.

So join us.


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